Thomas Holden is an attorney who helps clients involved in family-law litigation cases. Mr. Holden handles all aspects of family law cases from consultation to conclusion. Prior to starting Holden & Darby, P.A., Mr. Holden attended Nichols College and received his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. He then went on to study Law at Nova Southeastern University, receiving his Juris Doctor in 1982. For the years following Law school, Thomas Holden was In private practice in Miami when he moved to Lake County in 2002. He was the supervising attorney for the Department of Children and Families, where he was responsible for the legal department in Lake County

Mr. Holden has been a practicing attorney for over 35 years. During his years of practice, Mr. Holden has handled a variety of cases, including but not limited to: personal injury, criminal, bankruptcy, real estate and many other civil litigation areas. At this time, Mr. Holden solely focuses on handling dissolution of marriage, dependency, domestic violence, paternity and other child-related cases.

Thomas Holden is highly professional, and prides himself on providing compassionate legal counsel. He pays strong attention to each and every detail of his clients’ cases and takes the time to address all of their concerns. His diligence and moral compass outshines many others in his field, and he will do what it takes to secure the best possible results for his clients.

Mr. Holden is married and resides in Lake County, Florida. When he is not in the office, he and his wife, Katrina, enjoy spending time with their black lab.

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